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Importers | Suppliers
  • Peugeot citroen pickup ceilings to supply to Uruguay | Importers
  • Roof Rail - Running Board - Rear Bar - Cross Bar - Front Grill - Tow Bar - Bike Carrier | Offer to Sell
  • Russia purchasing of original spare parts of Peugeot-Citroen | Importers
  • Spare parts for Citroen Jumpy needed in Croatia | Importers
  • Transmission oil for citroen needed in Iran | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Classic royal bedroom furniture request from Iraq | Importers
  • Leather shoes men and women inquiry from South Africa | Importers
  • Request on formal shoes from Zimbabwe | Importers
  • Shoes import inquiry from Somalia | Importers
  • Shoes to supply to Kenya | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Clinker and gypsum needed to import to Ghana | Importers
  • Clinker import request from Poland | Importers
  • Clinker making complete plant to set up in Tanzania | Importers
  • Enquiry of clinker to import to Russia | Importers
  • Purchasing request of clinker from Georgia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • 5 stars hotel requirements required in Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Ceramic Ornoments | Offer to Sell
  • Clocks required in Ireland | Importers
  • Timer clock pv panel control device need in Afghanistan | Importers
  • Wall clocks offer request from Tunisia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Anthracite coal 100 tons ordering from Egypt | Importers
  • Coal briquette packaging machinery needed in Tanzania | Importers
  • Coal tar epoxy material need in Qatar | Importers
  • Hot Sale Best Price Built in Oven | Offer to Sell
  • Lignite coal 20.000 tons monthly import inquiry from Romania | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Coat and jackets buying request from Bulgaria | Importers
  • Mauritius to get coat/abaya from Turkey | Importers
  • Stainless steel bathroom accessories requested in United Kingdom | Importers
  • Winter coats required to import to Libya | Importers
  • Women's wool trench coat inquiry from Kenya | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Garments inquiry to import to South Africa | Importers
  • Men's stylish modern clothings requested in South Africa | Importers
  • Winter coats required to import to Libya | Importers
  • Winter jackets and coats requested from Greece | Importers
  • Women's wool trench coat inquiry from Kenya | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Blocks, slabs tiles, tumbled, mosaic, cubic | Offer to Sell
  • Granit Cobbles Stone | Importers
  • Polished pebbles and cobbles of black and white color | Importers
  • Rosso levanto, granite, dibase, beige, emparador, travertine | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Company of Ghana looking for buyers for cocoa butter | Offer to Sell
  • Marketing request of edible oils, cocoa beans and bees wax from Cameroon | Offer to Sell
  • Oil press machine for cocoa enquiry from Kenya | Importers
  • Sell cocoa beans from Cameroon | Offer to Sell
  • Semi process raw cocoa powder sales from Ghana | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Blade Artificial Turf | Offer to Sell
  • Cheese wax in different colours inquiry from Serbia | Importers
  • Knitting yarns in various colours request from UK | Importers
  • Premier Locked Storage Container | Offer to Sell
  • PVC film of different colours required in Georgia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Agricultural machines inquiry from Nigeria | Importers
  • Combine Seed drill Machines | Offer to Sell
  • Ghana to purchase rice combine harvester from Turkey | Importers
  • Jordanian company needed small harvesting propelled wheat machine | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Commercial burners request from Kenya | Importers
  • Commercial irrigation tools prices asked in South Africa | Importers
  • Heavy duty commercial meat mincer buy inquiry from Malawi | Importers
  • Range rover parts demanded from Libya | Importers
  • Spare parts of commercial vehicles to import to UAE | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Black olives are looking for companies who want to import from Turkey, green olives and olive oil. | Offer to Sell
  • Georgian company seeking companies to buy carton gift boxes | Importers
  • Information required about shoes companies in Turkey from Russia | Importers
  • Iranian company deal with companies to sell dried stevia leaf | Offer to Sell
  • Israeli company seeking companies to import control cabinet parts | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Company of Oman looking for waterproofing materials | Importers
  • Egyptian company looking for manufacturers of mosquitoes swatters | Importers
  • Iranian company indicates its willing to export wood band saw | Offer to Sell
  • Iranian company interested to buy wall hung toilet | Importers
  • Iranian company looking for partner to manufacture sodium cyanide |


Importers | Suppliers
  • Bus components parts import inquiry from Egypt | Importers
  • Cotton & Polyester yarn | Offer to Sell
  • Hospital bed components inquiry from Bosnia and Herzegovina | Importers
  • Shower cabins components to import in Greece | Importers
  • Virgin psf bi component ordering from India | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • 240v air compressor needed to import from Morocco | Importers
  • Air compressors agency request from Palestine | Importers
  • Bekomsan spare parts required in United Arab Emirates | Importers
  • Range rover parts demanded from Libya | Importers
  • Spare parts for compressor needed in Russia | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Algeria asked concentrate flavoring unit | Importers
  • Animal feed concentrate and mineral blocks for sheep and goats demanded from Jordan | Importers
  • Antifreeze concentrate buy inquiry from Lebanon | Importers
  • Paste concentrates buying request from Sudan | Importers
  • Red grape concentrate to export to Libya | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Concrete pump hose demanded to import to Brazil | Importers
  • Film faced plywood for concrete buy inquiry from Libya | Importers
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete machine requested from Iran | Importers
  • Mud and concrete mixer buying demand from USA | Importers
  • Requiring of electric pole unit to import to Cote d Ivoire | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Air conditioning systems required to import to Mauritania | Importers
  • Air conditioning wholesale request from Kenya | Importers
  • Hvac systems inquiry to import to Kazakhstan | Importers
  • Korel Aluminium Tube End Forming | Offer to Sell
  • Korel Aluminium Formed Tube | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Banquet and conference equipments demanded from Israel | Importers
  • Collaboration request with travel agency for endocrinology conference from UK |
  • Conference Room Furniture offer request from Kenya | Importers
  • Looking for media partner for 3rd international conference on metabolic and bariatric surgery from U | Offer to Sell
  • Reliable commercial/contract furniture partner | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Connecting parts and fasteners required to import to Tunisia | Importers
  • Connecting Rod | Offer to Sell
  • Connecting Rod for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles | Offer to Sell
  • South Africa to buy piston, rings, connecting rod | Importers
  • Turkey based company looking for MAN connecting rod bearings | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Construction metals to supply in Somalia | Importers
  • Construction paper pad for school art required in Panama | Importers
  • Demanding of pop cement to import to Nigeria | Importers
  • Magnesit bricks for cement factory construction needed in Georgia | Importers
  • Spare parts of construction machinery required in Afghanistan | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Metal constructions needed in Turkmenistan | Importers
  • Norway to inquire for steel constructions from Turkey | Importers
  • Slaughterhouse constructions quotation from Palestine | Importers
  • Space frames required in Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • Steel constructions required for a project in Poland | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Air conditioner control switch needed in Ghana | Importers
  • Bottled water cap presence control system need in Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • control arm bushes | Offer to Sell
  • Spill control/kits request from Malta | Importers
  • ZF parts needed in Korea, South | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Conveyor belts for hot metal scraps needed in Italy | Importers
  • Conveyor belts quotation required in Libya | Importers
  • Roller assembly unit for steel conveyors need in Tunisia | Importers
  • Rubber seal (skirt) for conveyor belt required in Libya | Importers
  • Water suppression systems for crusher required in Oman | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Chain conveyor buy inquiry from Greece | Importers
  • Enquiry of chain conveyor from Saudi Arabia | Importers
  • pressure vessel | Offer to Sell
  • Roller assembly unit for steel conveyors need in Tunisia | Importers
  • Telescopic chute Inquiry from Iran | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Continuous copper casting furnace requested from Algeria | Importers
  • Copper gas pipes prices request from Libya | Importers
  • Copper sheets monthly regular buy inquiry from United Kingdom | Importers
  • Demanding of copper clad aluminium busbars from Kenya | Importers
  • Induction brazing equipments for copper tubes needed in Japan | Importers


Importers | Suppliers
  • Corner tables catalog and price request from Qatar | Importers
  • covering ceiling panel, plastic wall cover | Offer to Sell
  • Door and window corner cleat making machine need in Ethiopia | Importers
  • Galvanized corner steel plates request from Egypt | Importers
  • Stainless steel profiles for seramic, tiles and parquet with high quality from Turkey | Offer to Sell


Importers | Suppliers
  • Corrugated boards wholesale buy inquiry from Serbia | Importers
  • Corrugated cardboard machine import to Algeria | Importers
  • Galvanized corrugated sheet needed in Norway | Importers
  • Kraft liner corrugated board to import to Libya | Importers
  • Kraft liner corrugated boards buying inquiry from Libya | Importers
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